Introducing $Afrofuture

March 14, 2021 - Announcement

Introducing $AFROFUTURE, a mission-driven social token aiming to unlock new funding, distribution, and co creation opportunities for Africa’s creator economy. While Africa has many talented creatives, it historically has lacked the infrastructure, capacity and the support network to commercialize its talent and provide access to global markets. With the foundational digital infrastructure to support the creative industries increasingly being put in place, we aim to put Africa at the forefront of web 3.0.

The initial value of the $AFROFUTURE token will be underpinned by a highly curated digital asset vault, containing 100 NFT photographs from Camerapix’s Mohammed Amin Collection. This recently digitized archive represents the world’s greatest unexplored historical artifact surrounding post-colonial Africa containing 2.5 million still photographs and 500 hours of video footage captured between the 1960s-90s. Each quarter Camerapix will announce new vaults drops.

40% of the $AFROFUTURE token supply will be used to establish the $AFROFUTURE Creator Fund. Each quarter for the next 10 years, we will release 100,000 tokens from this fund to commission up to 5 artists in Africa and up to 2 in the diaspora, to produce an NFT art piece in the theme of Afrofuturism. Each NFT will have a supply of five with four for sale. Commissioned artists will receive 50% of the sale price when items from the vault are bought, the other 50% will go into $AFROFUTURE Vault. For Camerapix content, 60% will be paid to Camerapix, the other 40% will go into $AFROFUTURE Vault.

Anyone can participate in our mission by holding 1000 $AFROFUTURE in an Ethereum Metamask wallet and joining our private Discord server. We host monthly history talks with Salim Amin, Chairman of Camerapix as well as monthly crypto panels with leading voices in African crypto. Purchasing an NFT from the vault earns you access to Club $AFROFUTURE. Club $AFROFUTURE is a metaverse club based in Decentraland. 

A total token distribution of the issuance of $AFROFUTURE is as follows:

  • 40,000,000$AFROFUTURE creator fund
  • 4,000,000Archivist fund
  • 3,000,000Seed Club
  • 4,000,000$AFROFUTURE initial airdrop
  • 15,000,000$AFROFUTURE team
  • 25,000,000Community incentives
  • 3,000,000Liquidity mining

What’s next?

To celebrate the launch of $AFROFUTURE, we are organizing an opening movie night in Decentraland on April 13th at Club $AFROFUTURE located at -71,42 Decentraland.


Register for the $Afrofuture airdrop by subscribing and following the instructions

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